Alien Pogrom

Alien Pogrom is a game, which has wandered through our heads since quite a long time. The idea was born from fascination with great Amiga game series "Alien Breed" and logical games. First attempts of creating such game we took on Amiga in first half of '90. In mid 2008, while searching the possibilities of using our 3d engine, we came back to this idea by creating the game, in which apart from shooting one have to use a bit logic thinking and basic physical knowledge.

Since few years we polish our 3d engine "OBE" - Orel Basic Engine. We think that this production allows us to use a bit more from the hardware and our abilities :). The next incarnation of OBE, created from basis in C++ have quite a few features, like:

  • high performance realtime 3D rendering using OpenGL
  • character animation system with skeletal and morph target animation
  • dynamic shadows
  • shader program
  • physics based on Newton Game Dynamics
  • particle system
...and many others.

Here is a small demo of OBEngine: