OK, here are few very old games we have done for AMIGA in the past :

D6team - Fun at the Sea
Fun at the Sea
The sea battle, made by us in 1992 (!). Game is based on simple scheme of aiming to oponent's battleship by correct angle and position of deck cannon. We had a good fun making live sounds for this game with almost-working, bit burned, simple 8-bit sampler for Amiga :)
D6team - Berek 2000
Berek 2000
Tag play :)
D6team - Trzech Wesołych Pielęgniarzy
Trzech Wesołych Pielęgniarzy
The Three Happy (male) nurses - arcade game, marked with the bloody blade of satire ;)
D6team - Mars Napada
Mars Napada!
Mars assaults! - game inspired by the song of the polish cult band KULT, with the same title :)
D6team - Anti PC
Anti PC
The title says all :). As author claims, the game has no sense and should serve only as "relaxing let off steam". Program was written in year 2000 in immortal AMOS pro 2.0.
D6team - River
Game based on 8-bit classic - "River Raid".
D6team - Morda w Kompot
Morda w Kompot
The text version game based on Mortal Kombat idea :)