Studio meblowe

In 2004/2005 we have made also designing - visualisation program for one of kitchen furnitures producer.

The program combines precision of CAD applications with the simplicity of using, which allows to design the interior of own kitchen even for untrained user.

Having the variety of producer's elements, like furnitures, handles, fronts, table tops and other, we can design professional interior's appearance with a few mouse moves.

After designing the interior we can get not only 3d visualisation, but also the list of used producer's elments (useful in making the order) along with mesured technical projections.

One of the strongest side of the program is simplicity of components exchanging. Thanks to this, changing of shape, texture, color comes down to only one or few mouse clicks. It has especially meaning when we want to compare few versions of the project.

Another feature of the program is half-automatic powering the user while moving the furnitures - user can focus only on decision where to put the object, instead of worrying how to place it. .