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Mini Madness is crazy racing game with use of small car models in the house & garden scenery. The game is available on Steam.

In the game player can get into the world in a bit smaller scale - remember those crazy car racings from corridor to the living room from the youth? :)

The game provides:
- single player mode and local co-op mode up to 4 players,
- 20 unique sports cars,
- upgrade of your car visuals, parameters and abilities,
- multiple game modes - time race, fast race, championship, challenge,
- mini games for many players such as mini golf or playing tag,
- 21 diverse tracks in 10 locations,
- while racing, players can collect temporary augments such as mines, rockets, smokescreen and many more,
- players can interact with objects on locations and influence gameplay.

We built real versions of the scenery.