ZBG 3d

[ Zdzislaw Bohater Galaktyki 3d ]

ZBG 3d is a shoot'em all FMV game. All you have to do is, by using the mouse as a sight of your gun... to shoot everything what moves ;).

The game was created in 1998, whole 3d scenes were calculated on ordinary Amiga 1200/040 - it took over 20 days & nights!

Requirements :
  • Amiga
  • 8 mb ram
  • OCS+ chipset [PAL mode!]


Unpack the archive to any drawer You want and... go!

Tips & tricks:

  • <-- on this stage you have to aim at airplane's wheel :)
  • press '6' on keyboard on weapon-choosing menu - access to all arsenal!


ZBG3d.lha (21.5mb) - version 1.1 - intro skip crash fixed (full version)