Hexagonal tour strategy

Game was inspired by "Battle Island" type of game. Action in this tour strategy is set on hexagonal fields. There are few kinds of terrain (i.e. moutains, forests, swamps, rivers, roads etc.). There are a lot of different units, fight could act on the ground, at the sea and in the air.

Konkwista had been made about 1997-1999 [I don't remember correctly ;)]. It was probalby our last bigger project written in AMOS language. It had to have a lot of graphics and sounds for every event, fighting unit and city, also not so complicated economy and few other things... Game was never finished, however it works somehow [we had a lot of fun testing it in 2 players mode!] ;).

Requirements :
  • Amiga
  • 4 mb ram
  • OCS+ chipset [PAL video mode!]



What is not done [and won't be ;(]:
  • There is no computer player.
  • Program don't recognize victory.
  • There is no briefings, etc.
  • Units info pictures are template.
  • Sound isn't complette.
  • Economy is not set.


Konkwista.lha (4.5mb) - pre-release version 1

Two players battles:

  • 1914
  • 1916
  • Tzusima-1905
  • Uprising