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Wishes to add - cpb - 21-01-2015 11:09

I am offering visitors to add here any ideas to releade in ATS.

From me:
Will be great if can press the brake and gas from keyboard. For example digit keyboard 1 - speed 1, 2 is 2, 3 is 3 and 0 is brake.

RE: Wishes to add - dari.somi - 21-12-2015 19:52

Hi everyone! I think a good ideea would be if the new version will have the option thta the tram can be controlled with the joypay/joystick. I really hope that is gonna be added. Big Grin

RE: Wishes to add - lukasn26 - 22-12-2015 07:15

Old version is controlled by joypad, for example 0.57b.